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Version information

The current version of this website is 0.1.0

Version 0.1.0 (Published on 13 Sep 2016 - Major):
List of changes:
  • Site creation
  • 20180724 Text update for upload files page
  • 20180817 Import and Merge PCDF file functions etc
  • 20180920 Modifications based on Ludmilla's email about historical fuel price table format
  • 20180925 PDO changes and other code updates
  • 20181031 New account for Heat Pump Admin and monor text changes
  • 20181107 Display update for Heat Pump applications and minor text changes
  • 20181116 Line ending format for importing tables
  • 20190118 allow Gastec tables to be uploaded and option to publish the pcdb files
  • 20180201 stop commas in manufacturer details and allow admin to edit
  • 20180213 bug fixes for php7 and clearing error log
  • 20180219 stop commas in application identification free text boxes
  • 20180306 new HP application input validation.
  • 20180325 Fuel price admin update.
  • 20190416 DHWonly HP applications.
  • 20190508 Ground source HP airflow fix.
  • 20190606 Update alert email text for resubmission of an application.
  • 20190626 Update illustrative dat data for 181 2009, bug fix show user access level, turn off import for Table 163.
  • 20190702 Cooling heat pumps fix,workaround.


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